Relenting gracefully

Why now?

Once upon a time in Austin, Texas in the glorious year of 2005, I was accused of being a Luddite by my boss at the time because I didn’t have a personal cell phone.  The reason we were discussing the topic at all was because I was requesting approval for a company cell phone.  I didn’t and don’t consider myself anti-technology.  After all I’m a data manager by day and spend all day on the latest computer my company provides.  But I am what you may consider a late adopter of certain uses of technology and that is what brings us to this post.

Being an aspiring writer, I have sought to understand new and effective means to build a career and as such have discovered through research and recommendations from industry veterans that having an online “presence” can be an effective way to build an audience and awareness of my writing.  So, as many of you know, the first step for me was to launch a blog centered on writing back in August 2010.  I intended to use that to discuss writing topics and my personal writing.  However, in the back of my mind, has been the itch of Facebook as a means of connecting with more people.  Many of the published authors in my genre use Facebook as an extension of their website and/or blog.  So, why not emulate those successful writers who have gone before me?

Call it both pride and prejudice.  My older kids are on Facebook (and MySpace before that) to connect and chat with friends and the concept of “social” media gave me a headache.  For those who know me, I am not nor ever was very social.  In fact, in many ways it is obvious that I would aspire to be a writer.  Writers predominantly work in a solitary environment, emerging occasionally to interface with agents, editors, publishers, and if successful, fans.  While I was working up to all that, I was obstinately avoiding Facebook.  Regardless of how many people I knew that were on FB, or how many people sent me personal invitations to join and connect, I resisted.  I am using LinkedIn for business level networking and didn’t see the need.  I am not yet a professional writer, so why do more than start a blog?

So, why now?  Well, yesterday, one of our teen daughters just up and created a Facebook profile for my wife and our teen son did the same for me.  Merry Christmas, parents!  So, there it was, my new account just sitting there.  I could either delete it, ignore it, or just relent and use it.  So, I will not only use my new FB account, but I will gracefully embrace this social media tool and create synergy with my blog in discussing epic fantasy writing and other related topics.

If nothing else I can avoid the perception that I’m a Luddite.  It is 2010 after all, time to become current with the times.



2 responses to “Relenting gracefully

  • Geoff

    Hey Mark

    I was on facebook long before I even started up a blog and have only really got onto twitter in the past month although I’m not really active.

    I’d look you up on FB to add you as a friend but have to admit that I don’t konw your surname. If you want, look me up “Geoffrey Stokker” and I’ll accept.

  • MJT

    The second half of 2010 is the half-year of my joining the social media world via blog at first and now, relentingly, FB.

    I’ll find you, Geoff.


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