To Tweet or Not to Tweet

…that is the question.

I’ve read some advice recently that suggests that authors who are serious about building a brand and marketing themselves as writers should be doing more than just hosting a web page, running a blog, or even maintaining a fan page on Facebook.

Well what else is there in the great wide world of social media?

Have you heard of Twitter?  That’s a rhetorical question because I’ll wager that few haven’t heard of this recent phenomenon.

I think a more apropos question is:  Do you tweet?

Here’s a quick poll about the use of Twitter out there:

In keeping with the spirit of brevity found in Twitter, I’ll do the same.

Besides frequency of use of Twitter, what do you think about this tool?  Is it a good way to communicate, or is it just another social media thing to keep track of?

What do you think of Twitter?

Thanks in advance….



5 responses to “To Tweet or Not to Tweet

  • Neeks

    I’ve heard that as well, about using social media to your advantage…but Twitter feels like just another thing to have to keep up with. It’s like having a disjointed conversation, I find it odd. Yes, I’m old. LOL

  • Mark J. Taylor

    I’ve been a late adopter of some of the latest technology and Twitter seems to have its uses, so I’m torn and simply stall the decision for now.

  • Mom

    Your cousin Cheryl S. started tweeting as soon as it was available. She said it is just another way to get name recognition and keep yourself in the forefront for selling more books, etc. Thus, another sales avenue. Happy tweeting.

  • Stephen A. Watkins

    I’m on twitter. I even tweet occassionally. Mostly, I tweet something about each of my regular blog posts – a teaser, if you will. Occassionally, maybe semi-monthly, I interact with other writers I know who are on twitter – responding to their tweets or retweeting or messaging them or whatnot. I follow a number of agents, authors, publishers, etc. on twitter. Occassionally, rarely, someone posts something that sparks my interest.

    But mostly, yes, twitter is just something to keep track of. And you can’t. Because it’s rapid-fire. If you aren’t on twitter right now then you’re missing something going on right now. And I can’t keep up with that. So I dip my toe in ever-so-occassionally.

    • Mark J. Taylor

      I have feeling that’s about how I would approach the use of Twitter. I understand John Locke did something particular with Twitter to find new readers by reaching out to those tweeting about similar topics to his occasional blog posts. I suspect that would be more effective once I have a story or two up for sale.

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